My Freedom List


Well you’ve been waiting and watching for THE list.  Here it is.  Here is My Freedom List.

1. Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

2. Find and join a two-stepping group

3. Learn how to sew

4. Tape record Meme’s stories

5. Start a blog (Check!)

6. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

7. Go hiking

8. Create a shadow box memory of my mom

9. Make Meme’s red velvet cake

10. Cook a complete authentic Chinese meal for friends

11. Visit the Dallas World Aquarium

12. Visit the Kimball Museum

13. Take a professional picture of Meme

14. Learn salsa dancing

15. Learn swing dancing

16. Go Christmas caroling

17. Go to a pumpkin patch

18. Go watch the airplanes land

19. Take iconic pictures at the Texas State Fair

20. Ride in a gondola at the Las Colinas canals

21. Try a local dish in Thailand

22. Watch the sun rise on a beach

23. Read a book about the Vietnam War before traveling to Vietnam

24. Perform a random act of kindness

25. Read The Message Bible, cover to cover

26. Watch Dr. Zhivago

27. Find a favorite new hole-in-the-wall restaurant

28. Watch the entire box set of Indiana Jones

29. Go indoor rock climbing

30. Play in the rain

31. Take photos of the animals at the zoo

32. Go to an Irish pub and hear an Irish band

33. Go to Madri Gras

34. Plant an herb garden

35. Enroll in a culinary class

36. Go to a concert or performance at Bass Hall

37. Go to the Westfest Polka Festival

38. Go zip lining

39. Send a package to the troops

If you would like to join me in any of my adventures, please leave a comment below.  I would love to have company!

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  1. Now is a good time to go to the Kimball. The French Impressionist exhibit is great! It’s there until June 17. Blue Man Group will be at the Bass this summer. I haven’t seen them, but David and Christi have, and they enjoyed it. Too bad you didn’t feel like playing in the rain today. There was plenty of rain for you to do so. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. You know I plan to participate in about half of your list!! #19 is my fave because I’m a State Fair junkie!! Also, I’ve always wanted to do #38, so please invite me! I would LOVE to see Blue Man group, so if you decide to do that, let me know!! Oh, and my kids have dibs on #18 with Miss Ange-uh!! We actually have 2 spots for that one : )

    LOVE YOU, friend!!

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